Productivity coaching for leaders of churches, non-profits, and small businesses who want to make a bigger difference.

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"I've worked with other coaches. Dawn's coaching was the first time it actually worked!" ~ Katie, Pastor, Richmond, VA

Through one-on-one phone calls, group video chats, and a private online community, Big Picture Big Purpose covers topics like:  

  • Setting goals that actually work.
  • Creating systems to make your goals inevitable.
  • Finding your way through murky situations.
  • Cutting things out that are no longer useful.
  • Empowering and motivating you to take much bigger action.

"Before I worked with Dawn, I would spend hours online trying to figure out what to do next for my business, and then additional weeks procrastinating about doing it. She saved me so much time, and helped me fast track my dream.” ~ Rebecca Larkin, Small Business Owner, Long Island, NY

As a coaching client, you'll learn to clear out whatever is in your way, like bad habits, unnecessary tasks, or even a job that is no longer a fit. 

Next, we'll find more efficient ways to blast through your current to-do list. 

Then, I'll help you dream up your own big picture big purpose and actually make it a reality

Do you want to stay stuck where you are, or do you want to make things better?

"I have felt like an observer of my own life for a long time, like being part of the crowd watching a game, yelling at the refs for making bad calls, unable to actually do a darn thing to change the game itself. Dawn's coaching helped me to start to gain some sense of control for my life, taking me off the bench and onto the field of play." ~ Kristin Rice, Pastor, Kingsford, MI

While coaching, I combine insights from

  • master's degrees in theology and organizational psychology.
  • leadership at a variety of non-profits and at the annual ELCA Extravaganza.
  • a thriving career as a professional actor.
  • experience in marketing and other skills as a business owner for over a decade.

I'm thankful to have partnered with leaders at these and other fine institutions. 

"Dawn's perceptiveness, positive attitude, and ability to pick essential issues out of complicated tangles make her a great asset to anyone planning his or her future, in work or in life." ~ Bill, Marketing Consultant, New York, NY  

Let's find out if we are a fit for one another. Choose "Introductions and Explorations" on the calendar below to schedule a 25-minute phone call. 

Together, we can figure out how you can move more efficiently toward your goal, whether you want to keep your desk organized, make time for loved ones, change jobs, launch a new business, or live a lifelong dream

This is totally free, with no obligation and no sales pitch. Let's talk!

"I made more progress in half an hour with Dawn than I had in the previous five years." ~ Jenny Aleckson, Director of Senior High Ministry, MN

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"Dawn's coaching was an invaluable blessing and gift! Her step by step process helped me tap into my most authentic desires and opened me up to moving across the country to a place where I have thrived!" ~ Amanda Batcher, Ford Model, Chicago, IL

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