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You are serving in some way. You are good at what you do. You've got years of education or years of experience in your field.

And yet, there's that little voice inside that's getting louder. It's telling you that it's time for something new, bigger, or different. 

Listening to that voice feels like an act of courage. Actually figuring out what to do seems confusing. 

"I have felt like an observer of my own life for a long time, like being part of the crowd watching a game. Dawn's coaching helped me to start to gain some sense of control for my life, taking me off the bench and onto the field of play." ~ Kristin Rice, Pastor, Kingsford, MI

I'm Dawn Trautman from Big Picture Big Purpose. I provide one on one coaching, small group programs, and Mindset Movies to help entrepreneurs, artists, church leaders, and visionaries like you take the next step in your life.

Stop settling. Start living your calling.

"Before I worked with Dawn, I would spend hours online trying to figure out what to do next for my business, and then additional weeks procrastinating about doing it. She saved me so much time, and helped me fast track my dream.” ~ Rebecca Larkin, Small Business Owner, Long Island, NY

Big Picture Big Purpose gives you step-by-step pathways to: 

  • Figure out what's next.
  • Identify and overcome fears that have been holding you back.
  • Eliminate things that are no longer useful.
  • Create habits and complete tasks that move you systamatically toward your next chapter.
  • Empower and motivate you to take much bigger action.

"Dawn's coaching has been without a doubt a great use of my time and money. I have been challenged and have grown in my own understanding of who I am. I have learned how to create healthy habits that motivate me to set larger life goals. And I am growing, step by step, in how to use my time so as to accomplish life goals that match my values. Thank you Dawn." ~ Pastor Steve Meyer, Caledonia, MN 

I'm sure by now you may be wondering a bit about my story. I empower people who have been taught to work hard and serve others, but never "show off" or get "too big for your britches." 

I love helping people, especially women and other historically marginalized groups, step up and claim that thing they are born to do (we refer to it as your calling around here), and make a plan to actually do it. 

I guess you could say that I've been preparing for this most of my life. The flashback sequence in my life's movie would show:

  • two separate master's degrees in theology and organizational psychology.
  • leadership at a variety of non-profits and at an annual event for Lutheran youth workers called Extravaganza.
  • a thriving career as a professional actor.
  • experience in marketing and other skills as a business owner for over a decade. 

"I made more progress in half an hour with Dawn than I had in the previous five years." ~ Jenny Aleckson, Director of Senior High Ministry, MN

I also learned a lot as I partnered with leaders at these and other fine institutions. 

"Dawn's coaching was an invaluable blessing and gift! Her step by step process helped me tap into my most authentic desires and opened me up to moving across the country to a place where I have thrived!" ~ Amanda Batcher, Ford Model, Chicago, IL

Let's find out if we are a fit for one another. Choose a time on the calendar below to schedule a 25-minute exploratory phone call. We'll talk about your goals (even if you just have a feeling that it's time to make a change, but you're not sure yet where to go). Then we'll see if any of my current offerings meet your needs. 

Pro tip: Even if you don't enroll in coaching or join a program, many people find the exploratory call helpful in finding clarity. 

Just to be clear: the call is totally free, with no obligation and no sales pitch. Let's talk!

"I've worked with other coaches. Dawn's coaching was the first time it actually worked!" ~ Katie, Pastor, Richmond, VA

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