Big Picture Big Purpose equips you to make a bigger difference by providing daily prompts in a private Facebook group that teach you to set goals, establish boundaries, and stay organized.

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“Dawn's questions serve as a sort of daily devotion which helps me frame my day." 

~ Rev. Scott Maxwell-Doherty, Campus Pastor, California Lutheran University

You would never run a marathon without doing some training laps. 

You would never lead a Bible Study without some serious time in prayer. 

stay healthy while you make an impact on the world by making self-care a regular part of your daily life. 

Big Picture Big Purpose focuses on 3 areas:

1. Align your daily life with your purpose in life (we use the word calling.)

2. Stay healthy while living your calling.

3. Launch new ideas, programs, and movements.

"As I reached my goal of biking 52 bike routes in one summer, I thought of the place this simple Facebook group played. Thank you all for helping me, a little each day or each week, step back and, as Heifeitz and Linsky say, get on the balcony. It is so easy to let busyness overtake the intentional. Thanks for helping me stay intentional!"

~ Dr. Terri Elton, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN

Hi, I’m Dawn, and I convene (most of) the conversations within Big Picture Big Purpose. 

My path has brought me from being a church youth director in Minnesota to a New York City corporate trainer to an online life coach to a professional musical theatre performer, with a couple masters degrees and certifications along the way to make me legit.  

Everywhere I go, I've cultivated relationships with some truly extraordinary people. But I also notice one thing they often neglect: themselves. 

All pieces of our lives are interconnected, and taking a moment each day to focus on self-care and self-improvement will help you be a better leader. And when you're ready to launch something new (a program! a business! a movement!), you and I can set up a coaching conversation and build a plan together. 

I've been honored to work with leaders at these and other fine insitutions, many of whom are members of Big Picture Big Purpose. 

"Dawn attracts great people. No, seriously. Her courses are filled with intelligent, interesting, creative, and diverse people doing great things. Getting to engage in thoughtful discussion and receive meaningful feedback from a dynamic group of people is a gift. When we walk with someone else on a part of their journey, we have the opportunity to learn together and inspire each other. When that group of people is as sharp and engaged as the individuals that join Dawn's online groups, something really neat happens."  

~ Jamie Bruesehoff, blogger and outdoor ministry enthusiast, Vernon, NJ

Our Guarantee: If this community does not feel like a good fit for you, cancel any time. No hassle, no fuss.