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Big dreams require big motivation, big focus, and daily action, but sometimes that's hard.

So often we procrastinate or do only busywork that doesn't move us forward because we feel tired, unfocused, uninspired, confused, or fearful of the next step. What if you had a reliable, portable tool to fix all of that? 

Through a combination of positive statements, compelling images, and an upbeat song, your customized video will shift your energy, inspire action, and keep your attention where it needs to be: on anything you want to see more of in your life.

Then it's up to you to act on the opportunities you see. 

"I have always been a fan of goals and affirmations. I honestly didn’t know what a Mindset Movie was, but as soon as I watched Dawn's 2-minute movie of her goals, I signed up on the spot. Dawn made the process super easy, and she did not disappoint. Adding video and music to my goals created an explosion of pure joy! I have been watching it on a loop non-stop! I can’t recommend this service enough! It was by far the best money I have ever spent on my business!

~ Nicole Fenstad, Princess Party Pals

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Use it to jump start your day, and again whenever your inner critic tries to stop you from living your Big Picture Big Purpose.

Do any of these statements ever play in your head?

"You are not good enough / smart enough / strong enough to ________." "Who do you think you are to want / dream / aspire to ________." 

Your Big Picture Big Purpose Mindset Movie replaces your negative mind chatter with optimism and excitement.

Your movie will be custom created by Dawn Trautman. (That's me!) 

Although I've built a sustainable business as a national board certified life coach, I always struggled to get into the "flow" and get work done. My startup time before actually accomplishing anything could stretch to two or three hours. 

My Mindset Movie changed all that!

Now I have a tool to launch me quickly toward productivity and focus, which makes me take action on the next step toward my goals. 

I'm also a professional actor / singer / dancer, so I bring a sense of artistry, musicianship, and storytelling to the videos I create.  

I could go on about where I've been, but it's more fun to share where I'm headed, so here's my Mindset Movie. (And you know what? I made my movie this past November, and some of the things in it have already come true. Big things. I'd be happy to tell you more.)

“I heard about the power of mind movies a few years ago, but just the thought of creating my own threw me into a complete tail-spin. Which of my many goals should I include? What music should I pick? As an artist, I was torn between visually beautiful images, inspiring images and my own images of art and special moments. Would including a special memory image move me forward - or backward? Dawn came to my rescue. Her creative expertise and ability to share my vision produced a truly inspiring tool.” ~ Rosemary Davies-Janes, miboso.com

How does a Mindset Movie really work?

As it happens, one of my masters degrees is in psychology, so I know a thing or two about something called selective attention. 

Thousands of stimuli constantly compete for your attention. All. Day. Long. To avoid getting overwhelmed, your brain's frontal lobe filters out almost everything. 

It's great, but sometimes it filters out too much. Sometimes you don't even notice a great opportunity in your midst, or internalize an upcoming deadline that could change your life. Sometimes you even forget how important a goal was, so you allow your attention to wander.

You need to continually remind yourself of your values and goals so that your frontal lobe "allows" that next great opportunity to enter your conscious attention

Then you need to act on it. Yep, that can be frightening, but the Mindset Movie helps with that, too.

Your Mindset Movie effectively neutralizes the mechanism that, in the past, has sabotaged your success. Repeatedly.

It’s a little known fact that chasing big goals can actually make us shrink. As much as we want to realize our dreams, what we have to do to achieve them usually feels risky and uncomfortable. The part of our brain that wants to keep us safe works against the part of our brain that dreams big. 

When these opposing forces lock horns, we blow opportunities. 

We get stopped. 

We get stuck. 

Your Mindset Movie shows you what you want AND what you must do to get it. Becoming familiar with these actions makes them feel comfortable. This assures the part of you that desires safety, that where you’re heading is not truly dangerous. You are free to proceed. 

Need that extra jolt of confidence right before a big meeting on the path to success? Watch your movie on your phone to remind you of why you're making this effort or taking this risk. Your Mindset Movie Is Your Audio-visual Pep Talk. It’s with you everywhere. Always.

Let's be honest: Watching your Mindset Movie on your phone is going to be a lot less awkward than bringing a big tagboard vision board to your next meeting or audition. 

When we meet for an exploratory call, I'd be happy to explain more about how the movies work, but honestly, these movies aren't about understanding the science and then making a decision. 

Mindset Movies are about your heart. Your passion. Your dreams. If you are pursuing anything that requires a soulful connection to your activities, you know how important it is to have tools that can transport you into the "positive vibes" needed to do your work.  

They're great for entrepreneurs, visionaries, artists, and anyone who understands the profound effect your mindset has on big goals. 

Honestly, most people see the Mindset Movies and they have a viscereal reaction that tells them it is right for them. Here are a couple more examples.

If these movies resonate for you, let's talk. 

You determine the statements and song. Then we'll have a brief conversation so I can hear the unique passion your have around your goals. You can also use that time to clarify a couple goals.

After we talk, I'll combine a few of your personal photos with hand-picked, vibrant images. The entire process takes as little as two weeks. 

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