Mind Movie Customized

It's like 2 minutes of magic motivation that you can carry in your pocket.

Watch your Mindset Movie every day to stay focused on your goals. Over time, the movie will also reduce the fear you have around "playing bigger." Your big future life will start to feel normal because you've seen it play out in your Mindset Movie. You'll no longer allow procrastination, perfectionism, victim-thinking, a lack of time and money, or anything else stand between you and your goals.

Here are a couple examples:

There are three steps to complete today. We'll walk you through everything, but if you get off track, just email Hello@BigPictureBigPurpose.com and we'll get you back on track.

  • INVEST: Set up two payments of $275, or save 10% by paying in full. Also consider whether you want to add "Mindset Movie Updates." (Recommended) This allows you to make changes to your movie over the next six months as you clarify and reach your goals.
  • DREAM: After payment, you'll be sent to a form where you can submit up to 7 goals in various areas of your life. Don't worry, these don't have to be your final answers, they'll just get us started during our creative goal-setting conversation. Optional: Submit a photo of your own to support each goal.
  • CONNECT: The third page of the process will give you access to a calendar where you can book your 25-minute Creative Goal Setting Session. This is when we'll clarify what matters most to you and discuss how you want your movie to look and feel.  

After our Creative Briefing, I’ll add additional images that support your goals and create your first draft within seven days. You'll have the chance to give feedback, and then you'll receive your final draft seven days later, along with instructions for storing your movie on all of your devices. 

You could start benefitting from your movie in as little as two weeks.


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