Mind Movie Customized

This is a great choice if you know how you want to customize your movie to your goals, and you're ready to dream big.

Here's an example, but of course it does not reflect YOUR goals. It was created to inspire its owner, so their music or images may not speak to you. That’s normal! That’s why I offer customization.

Create your customized 2-minute Mindset Movie, within my supportive framework. 

  • Submit up to 7 of your own goals using a guided form for crafting your goals.
  • Optional: Submit a photo of your own to support each goal.
  • Choose your music.
  • Book a 25-minute Creative Briefing to clarify what matters most to you and to share (or firm up) how you want your movie to look and feel.  

After our Creative Briefing, I’ll add additional images that support your goals.

Things to know as we get started:

  • The movie will start with "I am so happy and grateful now that ..." Write each statement in the present tense as if it is already true. Skip any that don't resonate with you.
  • Your statements are limited to 50 characters so that they can be read quickly as the movie plays.  
  • Please only upload photos taken by you or your close friends.  

Registration is a three screen process.  

  • Share your goals and upload photos. 
  • Add your payment details. $200 is due now, and $175 is due when your movie is completed.
  • Set up your 25-minute telephone consultation. 

The first draft of your movie will be ready within seven days after our telephone consultation. You'll then have seven days to submit edits before we create your final version. 

Fill out my online form.

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