Mind Movie Ready Made

This is a great choice if you are clear on your goals and looking for a budget-friendly tool.

Pick one of my off-the-rack templates for your 1-minute Mindset Movie. Here's an example.

In addition to this country template, quirky or indie are also available. Those are a bit under construction, so email me to ask for examples.

Customize the visual story by adding: 

  • 5 of your own goals
  • 5 of your own photos  

I’ll even add a few photos selected to fit your goals. 

Things to know as we get started:

  • Your statements are limited to 50 characters so that they can be read quickly as the movie plays. 
  • Remember that you are completing the sentence "I am so happy and grateful now that ... " so your statements should be in the present tense, as though the thing has already happened.
  • Please only upload photos taken by you or your close friends.  

Registration is a two screen process.  

  • Share your goals and upload photos. 
  • Add your payment details. $150 is due now, and $47 is due when your movie is completed.

You'll receive your first draft in seven days or less, and then have seven days to submit edits. Your final payment will be due when the Final Draft of the movie is ready.

Fill out my online form.

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